Promoting healthy, happy cats and the breeders that breed them.

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Why should breeders register with CCR?

·         1: No shows.  CCR does not promote showing.  CCR promotes raising healthy, happy companion cats.  CCR will not try to tell you whether your cats look good.  We think breeders and buyers can judge this for them selves.  If your customers are satisfied, you have a more important measure of successful breeding than a Championship.  After all, a Champion might be a lousy pet.

·         2: CCR is a record keeping organization not a private club.  Therefore, CCR accepts all other organizations’ registrations and registration applications. 

·         3: CCR registration forms are easy to read and complete.  No life stories required.  Forms are in large typeface.  You can get them on-line.

·         4: Proud to promote pet quality.  What better life can a cat hope for than to be a cherished pet?  CCR hopes every cat, pure bred or not, is pet quality

·         5: Health and breeding tips.  Keeping up with the latest recommendations on vaccination and worming programs can be difficult.  CCR can help.  CCR provides links with respected internet sites to help you stay abreast of the latest cat health news.  Affordable cat care products are only a click away at shopping links.

·         6: Breeder registration is free.  Register your cattery name with CCR, and all your litter registrations are free.  That’s right,  Free.  Registration of the parents with CCR is free with the registration of a litter.  Since unregistered breeding cats can lead to accidental inbreeding, CCR promotes foundation registration of breeding cats.  Contact our registrar for details on registering your purebred but unregistered breeding cats.

·       CCR is committed to improving companion cats. 

·         Early spay and neuter information.  CCR will help you get this important information to your vet.  CCR recommends that you neuter or spay your 6-9 week old kittens before you sell them for several reasons.  Spayed pets don’t get out to have “oops” litters.  Neutered pets are less likely to fight and be injured.  Your customers will be more satisfied with an altered pet which is unlikely to fight, spray, or howl.  Intact cats allowed to roam, are at higher risk of contagious disease, and your customer or their vet may blame you for such diseases.  Since most customers will pay more for the convenience of purchasing an altered pet and most veterinarians will reduce the cost of alteration for kittens, fixing your kittens should not cause a financial burden.


Why should buyers buy CCR cats?

  • CCR cats are bred to be companions, not show cats.  These cats are selected for good health and temperament not for the latest look.  If your pet is not healthy and friendly, good looks will not make it a great pet.
  • CCR offers referral service.  Contact us for help in finding a breeder in your area.
  • Pedigrees and papers in other associations are just a list of names.  CCR will provid (in the future) color photos of your kitten’s family tree.  A picture really is worth a thousand words.  See what your kitten will look like when it is grown.